Ottawa Autism Roadmap

The Ottawa Autism Roadmap was designed to be a visual tool to help the parents of children who A) suspect autism, or B) have been newly diagnosed. The Roadmap was conceived on pieces of scrap paper at a coffee shop in Ottawa during a conversation between three Moms with young children on the spectrum. We were comparing notes about our experiences and realized that no process existed for parents to follow, at a time when you need a lot direction and guidance.

The Ottawa Autism Roadmap currently exists as a 1 page PDF with clickable links. There is also a 1 page accompanying “Services and Supports” sheet that you use during and after diagnosis.

Click here for the Roadmap: Ottawa Autism Roadmap – New Look

Click here for the “Services and Supports” sheet: Ottawa Autism Roadmap – Services and Supports

Please use this road map as you please. Share it with others if you find it useful! Other road maps to help different age groups of people with ASD are in the works. Please check this page.

Comments are always welcome.

Warm regards from the Moms at AAO,


8 thoughts on “Ottawa Autism Roadmap

  1. Hi Heather,

    My name is Anne Borbey-Schwartz and I am the Family Support Coordinator for the Ottawa, Kingston and Cornwall chapters of Autism Ontario.

    I have ad the chance to look over your road map and must tell u that I love it. It’s a nice, simple way to help families navigate the system.

    This said, I am wondering if you’d either like to collaborate on building one for the Kingston and Cornwall region or giving us permission to use your model to prepare one. You would be properly referenced of course.

    You can either contact me by phone at 613-230-6305 ext 24 or by email at

    I look forward to connecitng with you,


  2. I think your roadmap is EXCELLENT. Congratulations on such a compact and concise starting point format for parents. I am the director of Dragonfly Centre for Autism Inc in Charlotte County New Brunswick. I am just finishing up a parent handbook similar in nature to your project. It will contain contact information of all the medical & non-medical services available in our area as well as many clues to watch for and helpful tips. It will be distributed to parents, care givers, medical professionals, social service workers, teachers, etc., for free as well as being available at our resource centre. Your format would be a major asset as a template for other centres to create their own information map. We have 9 autism resource centres in NB and we all receive modest provincial funding that at least makes us possible to exist. It would be wonderful to create a network of autism centres in other areas of the country to share our efforts.
    cheers to you –
    Mary Casement 1- 506-465-8900

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  4. Great road map. But one piece is missing….Childcare providers, daycare centres, often the ECE is one of key people to recognize that something is amiss.

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