Ottawa Autism Roadmap – New & Improved

Hi everyone!

We’ve been busy making some improvements to the Ottawa Autism Roadmap and we want to share them with you.

The main changes are:

– Reduction in number of pages making it more concise

– A separate page listing all the services and supports you need during and after diagnosis.

You can view the new roadmap and support document here.

We hope you will find it useful! Please contact us anytime with comments and feedback,

The Moms at AAO

Coming soon…

Many of you have seen our first roadmap called the “Ottawa Autism Roadmap” which was geared towards the pre-diagnosis and diagnosis phase of autism. Since that time we have been researching and putting together a roadmap for school aged children and their parents to help navigate through life in the school system. This road map will be applicable to all children with special needs, not just autism. The goals are the following :

– provide a general visual roadmap for parents to use as a guide during the school year.
– provide important information about laws, policies, services and tools that parents may not otherwise know about.
– to empower parents to take control of their child’s experience at school to help the child achieve their highest potential.
– to make life easier and less stressful for the entire family!

We are currently working very hard and putting the finishing touches on this document! We will be releasing it very early in September. Please stay tuned to this site, our Facebook page or our Twitter page to stay informed.

As always, we welcome your ideas and feedback.

Warm regards,
The Moms at AAO


Upcoming Ontario election : Going online with awareness


There is a lot of great awareness and advocacy work being done online, all thanks to social media and the internet! This is great for busy parents because a lot of work can be done from home or your smart phone.

Here are some great avenues to create awareness and get the conversation about disabilities going while online.

Social Media: Most politicians on are on Twitter. Try interacting with them on twitter so others may join into your conversation. Here are a few Twitter usernames to get you started:

MPP List for the Ottawa area:

CHEO Hospital Ottawa: Consider making a few small postings on Facebook so your family and friends can have a window into your world. Answer any questions they have, or reply to their comments. If you’d like to do more, create your very own awareness page or group, invite your friends and start discussions! Seek out local support groups on Facebook to find other parents to talk to and ask questions! Some examples are: Video is a powerful medium. Many families have created videos of their experience with their child. Some local Ottawa examples include:

Contact your politicians by email:

Here is a list of people you can contact, depending on which level of government you are dealing with:

  • Your municipal government, City of Ottawa – Jim Watson, Mayor.



  • Your provincial government, The Premier of Ontario – Kathleen Wynne.




  • Your local MPP (provincial):

Hon. Madeleine Meilleur (Ottawa-Vanier)

Email :


Yasir Naqvi (Ottawa Centre)



Phil McNeely (Ottawa-Orléans)



Hon. John Fraser (Ottawa South)



Lisa MacLeod (Nepean-Carleton)



Hon. Bob Chiarelli (Ottawa West-Nepean)



Jack Maclaren (Carleton-Mississippi Mills)



Grant Crack (Glengarry-Prescott-Russell)



  • Ministry Heads (provincial):

– Ministry of Children & Youth Services – Teresa Piruzza



– Ministry of Health – Deb Matthews



Federal Government, Prime Minister, Stephen Harper



Federal Government, Minister of Health Canada, Rona Ambrose



Write them a letter in whatever way makes you feel comfortable. Try and describe how the issue you are experiencing is affecting your family on a personal and day-to-day level. It may take a while but they have to respond.

How do YOU create awareness? Have you ever written to a politician? Did you hear back? Have you ever spoken to one in person? We’d love to hear your experience. Please comment below, or email us at:

The National Needs Assessment Survey for Autism


1400 people across Canada have already been heard!

If you are a person affected by autism – a parent, a caregiver, a professional or you live with autism, please fill the  National Needs Assessment Survey for Autism.


Make sure to detail all the gaps in services and areas where you feel more assistance is required.

Let’s make it count!

The survey is funded by Health Canada and will give us a picture of autism in Canada.
Please take 10-15 minutes to fill out CASDA’s survey:

Please share with people across Canada. Spread the word, we need a minimum of 5000 people to do the survey.


The Gloucester Fair Special Needs Day – Thursday, August 14, 2014


The Gloucester Fair Special Needs Day

This year the Gloucester Fair is changing it’s dates to mid-August and our name.  Join us on Monday when we announce our “Rename the Fair” contest on the CTV2 Morning Show.  Everyone is welcome to enter the contest and win the great $1,500+ prize package for suggesting the best name.

This year the Special Needs Day will be Thursday, August 14th. With the date change, the school system that traditionally organizes and provides transportation for our disabled children will no longer be available so we are seeking the help of Special Needs Camps and groups to organize transport and then we’ll do the rest.

HydroOttawa has been a loyal and dedicated sponsor of the program, not only with financial assistance but by providing close to 100 volunteers who greet the kids on arrival, help life them onto and off the midway rides, serve them lunch, run the karaoke program and then help clean up.

If you would like to participate and you have yet to do so, please send us your contact info asap to

The Fair is committed to providing this wonderful FREE day for the kids and we are looking to special needs camps and facilities to assist with helping us get the kids to the Fair.


UPDATED! Special Needs Summer Camps Near Ottawa 2014


Hi everyone! On Saturday, March 22, 2014 I went to the City of Ottawa Special Needs Camp Fair. I gathered a lot of information and I am now going to share it with all of you that were not able to make it!

Camp Kodiak
Inspirations Camp
Sunshine Cove
Camp Concord
Camp Kirk
Camp Kaleidoscope
Spring Action Trampoline
Edelweiss Private Academy
Stronger You
Making Waves
The Lanark County Therapeutic Riding Program
Victory Time Farm
Friends in Sporfishing
Around the Campfire
Destiny’s Way
Angel N Butterflies
Building Blocks
Camp Kennebec
Camp Misquah
Camp Smitty
Camp Towhee
Camp Winston
Kinark Camp
Mainstreet Community Services
Reach for the Rainbow Camp
Spectrum Insights Social Skills Camp
T.I.P.E.S. Summer Camp
Horses Enriching People
March of Dimes Canada : Conductive Education




Camp Kodiak


Here is the first camp I will be sharing with our friends!

Camp_KodiakName: Camp Kodiak

Location: 200 Kodiak Road
McKellar, Ontario


Ages: 6-18

Info: They have a Non-Competitive Program:
– Social Skills Program
– Academic Program
– Professional Staff
– 2-to1 Camper-to-staff Ratio
– Small Cabin Groups
– Leader-in-Training Program for 16-18-year-olds
– Over 50 activities

Prices: 2014 Dates & Rates

Except for Harmonized Sales Tax (HST – 13%) our fees are all inclusive. They include food, lodging, all activities, excursions off site, transportation and laundry. There are no extra charges. However, guests not covered by a Canadian medicare plan may be billed if outside medical, dental or pharmaceutical services are required.


June 29 – July 26

4 weeks – $5275.00
July 27 – August 16

3 weeks – $4275.00
June 29 – August 16

7 weeks – $8675.00


Inspirations Camps : Summer Camps for Children with Special Needs

Inspirations_CampName: Inspirations Camps : Summer Camps for Children with Special Needs

Location: West end of Ottawa – Location to be announced

Info: Counselors at Inspirations have a superior knowledge and ability in working with children, adolescents and adults on the Autism Spectrum as well as other developmental disabilities. Staff are compassionate and are well trained in order to manage a variety of behavioral situations with common and innovative techniques. Staff have extensive experience supporting vulnerable persons and their medical needs such as; aspirations, g-tube feeding, range of motion, catheters, seizures and many other areas. Inspirations Camps believe in inclusive communities and environments.

Outings and Activities include; museum trips, adaptive sailing, paddle boating, daily physical activities, water parks, zoos, animal farms, bowling, sports, Saunders Farms, Daceability, natur walks, Omega park, movie theatres, fairs, musical festivals and radical science.

Ages: 6-17

Prices: $250 /week

Dates: Please check out the attachment below
Camp hours are Monday to Friday from 07:30 a.m until 5:30 p.m


Sunshine Cove


Name: Sunshine Cove

Location: 1 Ch.Murphy Notre-Dame-Du-Laus QC
*Transportation from Orleans available


Info: We at Sonshine Cove believe that each child or young person should be given the opportunity to participate in as many different experiences as possible. Our programs are tailored for the specific age and ability level of each camper. In addition to our traditional summer camp programs, we also offer summer camp for children and adults with special needs.
Some of our programs include:

Swimming, Diving, Waterskiing, Tubing, Cliff jumping and fishing
Winter activities such as tobogganing, snowshoeing, skating, ice fishing, and snowmobiling on the many trails
Boating, Canoeing, Sailing and Motorboats, Pontoon Boat, and Paddleboats
Land activities such as hiking, mini-olympics, wagon-rides, capture the flag, scavenger hunts and campfires
In our large sports field: Soccer, baseball, football, volleyball, horseshoes, and badminton
Arts & crafts, sing-a-longs, skit nights, Bible quiz, Bible stories and devotional times
Prices and Dates: Special Needs #1: June 30 – July 4, 2014 ($550 + $40 transportation from Orleans)
Special Needs #2: July 7-11, 2014 ($550 + $40 transportation)
Special Needs #3 (Total Care Campers): July 14-25, 2014 ($1,300 + $40 transportation)
Special Needs #4: July 28 – August 1, 2014 ($550 + $40 transportation)
Boys Camp: August 5-12, 2014 ($875 + $40 transportation)
Girls Camp: August 15-22, 2014 ($875 + $40 transportation)

**Please note there is an added cost if one-on-one care is needed of $50 – $100 per day depending on the level of care needed. The cost for any accompanying staff is $25 per day for food only.**




Camp Concord


Name: Camp Concord

Location: Bancroft, Ontario


Ages: 7 – up

Info: 2 programs
Everest: An individualized program for campers aged 8 to 13. With a focus on social skills and confidence building.

Summit: An individualized program for campers aged 13 and over. This program focuses on life skills and social skills to prepare the individual for future jobs and independence.

Concord is looking for campers with intellectual, behavioural, and communication disabilities aged 7 and up

– 2: 1 ratio
– RN on Site
– Experienced staff
– Individualized Program
– Tutoring Programs
– Speciality Diets

Prices: One Week Sessions, $1775.00
Ongoing throughout the camp season starting on a Sunday and ending on a Saturday.

Dates: Four Week Sessions, $5575.00
June 29 – July 26

Two Week Sessions, $3075.00
June 29 – July 12
July 13 – July 26
July 27 – August 9

*New* Three Week Session

June 29 – July 19

Register: Download all forms for registration at


Camp Kirk


Name: Camp Kirk

Location: 639A Mount Pleasant RoadToronto, Ontario M4S 2M9


Facebook Page:
Info: Camp Kirk is a registered charitable organization operating a camp for children with Learning Disabilities, Attention Deficit Disorders, some Autism Spectrum Disorders and other additional needs.
Camp Kirk’s mission is to provide an experience that builds a sense of belonging and self-esteem for children with Learnin Disabilities, Attention Deficit Disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorders and those with Incontinence/enuresis difficulties.

Camp Kirk’s mandate is:

■To serve children who have learning disabilities.
■To provide a safe physical, social and emotional recreational environment adhering to high standards of general camping practices.
■To design and provide a camp programme that will allow children to increase their understanding of themselves and of their learning disabilities.
■To design and provide a camp programme that will teach them the social and physical skills that will encourage them to take the risks necessary to increase their opportunities for success.
■To provide staff training that will increase understanding of the children who have learning disabilities, demonstrate how best to work with these children and encourage and foster personal and professional development.
■To work cooperatively with the families of campers and other professionals who may be involved.
■To be an advocate for people with learning disabilities.

Camp Kirk is located in Kirkfield, Ontario, on 110 acres of land owned and maintained by The Lion’s Clubs Camp Kirk Foundation of District A-16. Camp Kirk’s priority is to provide a warm and nurturing envrionment for children with additional needs.


Summer 2014
Session 1
Saturday June 28th – Monday July 7th
$1,890. CDN.

Session 2
Thursday July 10 – Wednesday July 23
$2,525. CDN.

Session 3
Sunday July 27 – Saturday August 9th
$2,525. CDN.

Session 4
Tuesday August 12th – Thursday August 21st
$1,890. CDN.

Dates: There are four different sessions each summer: two 10 day sessions and two 2 week sessions.



Camp Kaleidoscope


Name: Camp Kaleidoscope (Children At Risk)

Location: Lester B. Pearson Catholic High School, 2072 Jasmine Crescent, East-Central Ottawa

Info: Over the 5 weeks, we provided 230 Camp slots from the 247 requested, for 101 Campers with a staff of 57 Camp Counsellors and Volunteers. This offered respite and peace of mind to 95 families. At Camp there were four distinct groups: Monkeys-our youngest age range, Dragons-our mid age range and Titans or the name of the week decided by the Campers for the Teens and older Campers looking for more challenging activities. In addition we had the Lightning Bolts with teens that required more assistance with life skills. One week we had so many Dragons that the Group divided into Red and Blue Dragons each with their own room!

Ages: 4-20+
Prices: $350 /FULL weeks
$280 / Week #5 6-9th August


July 7-11
July 14-18
July 21-25
July 28-August1
August 5-8



Spring Action Trampoline


Name: Spring Action Trampoline

Location: 5515 Canotek Road, Ottawa


Info: Spring Action Trampoline and Circus school has been offering trampoline and circus lessons to people of all ages and abilities for over twenty years. In 2002 Spring Action expanded its programming to individuals with Special Needs!



Edelweiss Private Academy Summer Camp

Name: Edelweiss Private Academy – Summer Camp 2014

Location: 1119 Lazard St. Ottawa, ON (Inside Torah Academy)

Edelweiss Private Academy is offering a summer program for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and /or other exceptionalities.

Prices: Ratio 1 to 1-
$325/week (half day)
$525/ week (full day)

Ratio 1 to 6 –
$375/week (full day)


Stronger You

stronger_youName: Stronger You
Location: 3570 Strandherd Drive (Barhaven)
Nepean, Ontario


Ages: 5-12


SuperHero Training Camp – Summer 2014
Discover your Powers! For Boys & Girls aged 5-12 – $225/week


Superhero training
Martial Arts
Show & Tell
Bully-Proofing without 5 Fingers of Self Defense

Disabilities/Special Needs children are all welcome. One-on-One training is available (cost $450.00 per week)

Seven week long camps are being offered during the summer of 2014 with the starting dates of:

July 7
July 14
July 21
July 28
August 5
August 11
August 18

Prices: I noted them above

**Check out their special needs programs that are run all year round.

Making Waves


Name: Making Waves – Affordable Swimming Instruction for Children with Special Needs

Location: Jack Purcell Community Centre Pool, located at 320 Jack Purcell Lane in Downtown Ottawa, Ontario

Info: Making Waves builds on the institutional strengths and successes of existing swimming lesson organizations. We are able to be more effective in injury prevention by providing lessons specifically targeted and adapted to those children at highest risk of drowning in our society. We recruit our volunteers from the abundance of university-aged, qualified swimming instructors and work with our community partners to properly train, educate and prepare them for the rigours of working with special-needs children. We rent out pool space once a week, batch lessons together and assign one instructor to each child. By using innovative techniques to dramatically cut our operating expenses, as well as by actively fundraising, we are able to offer private swimming instruction at a rate affordable even by those living under the poverty line.


Prices: $20 per season (9 lessons offered per season)

Dates: Saturday Afternoons from 5-6pm (Each One-On-One class runs for 30 mins)
please visit their webpage



The Lanark Country Therapeutic Riding Program

Lanark_CountyName: Lanark County Therapeutic Riding Program

Location: 30 Bennett Street, Carleton Place


Info:Offering a specialized form of horseback-riding to people with physical and/or developmental disabilities in Lanark County since 1986.
Prices: The Therapeutic Riding Program does not receive on-going government support. Funds to run the program are raised through lesson fees (using a sliding scale), support from the community, grants and various fundraising events. The program is currently receiving some financial support from the Ontario Trillium Foundation and the Ministry of Tourism and Recreation. We also received support from the Perth Community Foundation and the Ontario Therapeutic Riding Association.
Dates: Spring (May-June)
Summer (July-August)
Fall (September-October)



Victory Time Farm

victory_time_farmName: Victory Time Farm

Location: Victory Time Farm 1048 Bolton Road Merrickiville, Ontario

Info: We provide a unique farm experience and riding therapy specialized for children and adults with autism, learning disabilities and self esteem issues.

Our goal is to help children through contact with animals and more specifically with the horse. We provide a safe, unstructured physical environment where the child can explore, and discover.


Friends in SportFishing


Name: Friends in Sportfishing

Location: Ottawa and Ottawa Valley

Info: Friends in Sportfishing is a volunteer run charitable organization dedicated to providing free fishing experiences for any group of people with special needs in our community. We operate a fleet of 5 twenty eight foot pontoon boats that have been modified to make them accessible. We provide the boats, crews and all the fishing equipment necessary and we operate out of a variety of venues in Eastern Ontario.
Prices: Free





Around the Campfire







Destiny’s Way



Name: Destiny’s Way Summer Camp

Location: Merrickville, Ontario


Age: Preschool, school age, adolescent, young adult, adult and seniors

Info: The Destiny’s Way summer camp program which runs from July 6 to August 30, 2014, promotes creativity, self esteem, social skills, sensory stimulation, and allows for some good old fashioned fun. The camp week starts on a Sunday and end on the following Sunday for a total of seven days.

The following activities are being offered this year as part of the summer camp program:

horseback riding and lessons
hobby farms (lamas, horses, sheep, emus, ostriches, peacocks, and more)
museum excusions
nature trails
arts and crafts
mini putt
laser tag
games and leisure (computer time, bingo, yahtzee, monopoly, etc)
movie outings (IMax or local theatre
boat cruises
backyard camping and picnics
amusement parks

*All activities are adaptable and are based on functionality and level of comfort. Alternatives are always provided to ensure the Destiny’s Way experience is a positive one.
Prices: Day Camp $690 /week – 8.5 hrs/day (Monday-Friday)
Overnight Camp $1375 /week (7days)

**All above programs include transportation, meals, snacks and activities

Dates: July 6 to August 30, 2014

Register: You must contact them to register :


Angel N Butterflies


Name: Angel N Butterflies

Contact: 613-438-0865

Info: AngelnButterflies is providing Conductive Education services in Ontario Canada, Ottawa metropolitan area. Angel n Butterflies has been created for helping families with special needs people. To achieve our goal, we are using a Hungarian method called Conductive Education which is more a lifestyle than just a therapy.
Conductive Education services for Kids and Adults at the comfort of your home (some conditions apply)


Assessment of kid and adult in their own home and recommendations (shoes,walkers,furnitures,activities etc..)

Book your appointment by email @ or phone : 613-438-0865 / 613-804-6250.

Home Services

Boosting the active learning in the Client’s home environment.

The kids home-based program(2-3h)includes:

passive stretching
exercises in different positions
(lying,standing,sitting)with motivating activities
varieties of changing positions
guidance in self-care
encourage communication,vocalizing
The adults home-based program(1.5-2h)includes:

exercises in different positions
guidance in self-care
encourage communication,vocalizing
Intensive CE group session (min 3 candidates – some conditions apply)
Individual assessment + recommendation=> $80 plus tax (1.5h)
Home visit=> $60/h plus tax (can vary depends on distance)
payment can be made in cash or personal check

Facebook Page:



yoga-tismName: Yoga-tism

Info: Is a program designed to meet the challenges of those with ASD, including individuals with Sensory Integration Disorder, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and other significant developmental and global delays.


Price: $40 for 8 week session


Here is the flyer: yoga-tism2014pdf

Building Blocks

building_blocksAges 6- 8, 8.5-10 years

Science Camp ages 6-8

Experiments are designed to meet the needs of children and keep them engaged during the experiments.  We will provide plenty of opportunities to include social skills, language based activities and cooperative games. Each participant receives a package ahead of time to review and anticipate the fun we will have with science experiments and other cool activities!
DATES:  July 6th to 11th

TIME:    9:00 to 2:00 (bring snack/lunch)

FEE:      $ 300.00 + HST

Science camp and Star Wars camp for ages 8.5-10

Themes for this year will be science and Star Wars, designed to meet the needs of participants and keep them engaged during the experiments.  We will provide plenty of opportunities to include social skills, language based activities and cooperative games.  Each participant receives a package ahead of time to review and anticipate the fun we will have with science experiments, Star Wars adventures and other cool activities!

DATES:  July 21st  to 25th       Science Program

August 25th to 29th   Star Wars **New Program

TIME:    9:00 to 2:00 (bring snack/lunch)

FEE:      $ 300.00 + HST

The programs will be held at the Maki House @ 19 Leeming Drive, Ottawa (Moodie Dr./Carling Ave.)  We added an extra hour per day and will have early drop off 8:30 and late pick up 2:30for a $5.00 fee per day.

CONTACT: Elaine Bissonnette

PHONE: 613.722.4374


Camp Kennebec

camp_kennebecAges: 7 and up (no upper limit).

Info: Making Kids Happy Since 1967! A residential overnight camp for children and young adults with various exceptionalities ranging from ADD, ADHD, LD, Autism, Aspergers, Tourette Syndrome, Down Syndrome and other special needs.

We offer a 1-6 week program, optional academics, 50 plus activities, out trips, theme days and so much more. Professional staff keep a 2:1 camper to staff ratio with a focus on fun, social and life skills.

Address: 1422 Cox Road Arden, ON, K0H 1B0

CONTACT: 613.335.2114




Camp Misquah


Ages: 7 and up (including adults)

Info:  For children 7 and up and adults with ASD’s, Down Syndrome and CP.

Location: On Lac Bitobi near Gracefield, Que.

Camp Misquah Cottage Experience: For independent adults with developmental disabilities who wish to experience a relaxing cottage holiday, participating in activities such as cards, board games, swimming and day trips if they wish.

Location: Camp Misquah operates on Lac Bitobi near

Gracefield, Québec.

PHONE: 613.806.6676

Email: &



Camp Smitty


Info: Operated by the Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa-Carleton. Sleepover camp with integration component for 8 to 15 year olds. (flexible upper age limit). Leader in Training program for 14 and 15 year olds. Financial Assistance is available.

Location: Mink Lake near Eganville

PHONE: 613.746.8517 ext. 224

Camp Director: 613.236.1222 ext. 2283



Camp Towhee


Camp Towhee: Children and adolescents with learning disabilities and related psycho-social problems including Asperger’s. Must have a diagnosis.

Location: Haliburton

PHONE: 1.800.839.3950 intake



Deadline for applications for summer camp is mid-Dec.

Camp Winston



Ages: 7-13

Info: Residential special needs camp that includes children (age 7-13.) with learning disabilities, AD(H)D, Tourette Syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Location: Sparrow Lake in Muskoka

Winter CONTACT: 416.487.6229

Summer CONTACT: 705.689.9096



Kinark Camp


Ages 9-16, 14-18

The Kinark Outdoor Center (KOC) operates year-round to provide a rich variety of outdoor education programs and autism support programs tailored to a wide range of needs and interests. The Kinark Outdoor Center offers a variety of adapted traditional camp experiences and enhanced respite opportunities for children, teens, and young adults on the autism spectrum. 5-day camp opportunities for kids with ASD are customized to meet the campers’ needs; Family Respite weekends and Family Camp experiences are well supported to meet the needs of all visitors.

There are funded and fee for service programs for children with autism and their families at the Kinark Outdoor Center. Please also visit our agency website for more information: Kinark Child and Family Services

Autism Quest

This is a 5-day residential summer camp experience for children with Autism. The focus of the week is on social and therapeutic recreation supported by a high ratio of staff to campers. Groups of five campers experience the social skills inherent in a camp setting with four staff to support individual needs.

(Year-long) Adolescent Social Recreation

This is a direct funded MCYS Respite program in response to parents and service providers indicating that there exist social skill developmental service gaps for adolescents in rural areas within the Central East Region. It is a year-round program for 6 participants involving a weekend residential experience every second month and a 5 day summer camp experience.

(Summer Camp) Adolescent Social Recreation

Youth (14-18 years old) who are diagnosed with Asperger’s and high-functioning autism, develop and practice social and life skills through this 5-day residential camp experience. In a group with five participants and three staff, programming includes outdoor activities, cooking, fitness, leadership, and communication skills.

Autism Family Respite Weekends

This is a social-recreation weekend for six to eight ASD families who are often on the waiting list to receive service. The program provides a one-to-one worker for the identified child, as well as sibling, and parent programs. Opportunities for respite, networking, and social skill development are offered throughout the weekend.

Autism Summer Family Camp

The program was developed in direct response to families who greatly appreciated the AFR Weekends, but are now looking for an affordable option for families who did not require one-to-one support. It is a four day summer recreation program for a group of 15 ASD families.

Location: Minden

PHONE: 1.800.805.8252




Mainstreet Community Services

mainstreet_community_servicesInfo: Discovered Treasures Day Camps which serves over 200 children runs for 6 weeks in the summer. Two of these camps are run simultaneously. Each camp session provides children a fun, safe, and therapeutic environment where their individuality and uniqueness is respected and nurtured. Each child will be provided opportunities for sports, Martial Arts, arts and crafts, cooperative activities, swimming, relaxation, and much more. Relaxation training is also offered to help children improve skills in related areas such as mental imagery, focus and shifting focus. All elements of the program are inclusive of the cost of registration and are made available to every child over the course of the summer.

Developmental Day Camp

Our Developmental Day Program was created to serve children with higher complex needs such as non-verbal children with Autism, Acquired Brain Injury and Developmental Disabilities. This program focuses on identifying the individual child’s needs and strengths. In a highly structured, supportive and predictable environment, children will have opportunities to develop qualitative play skills and daily living skills by enhancing communication, socialization and decreasing challenging behaviours. This program operates at a 2:1 ratio, camper to staff.

Social Skills Camp

Our Social Skills Camp runs for 6 weeks. We provide specialized therapeutic programs to over 200 children. We take great pride in a staff to camper ratio of between 1:3 to 1:4 at all times. The campers are primarily special needs students having Aspergers Syndrome (a communication disorder), ADHD, Learning Disabilities, delayed cognitive functioning, or Down’s Syndrome.

Camps may be run out of a more central location.

Address: 1453 Main St. Stittsville

Contact Erica Rinfret, Main Street Community Services

PHONE: 613-831-6606




Reach for the Rainbow Camp


Ages 7-14

Info: provides integrated camping experiences for children across Ontario with one-to-one support. In partnership with Eastern Ontario-area camps.

For availability and complete list camp locations see website:

PHONE: 416.503.0088




Ages 6-18

SNAP – Recreation Produced by City of Ottawa Parks and Recreation

Summer Camp and other recreational activities for individuals ages 6 to 18 with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Registration on line, by touch tone Telephone or in person at any recreation facility

or Client Service Centre

PHONE: 613-580-2424 ext. 29283 – City Wide Special



Spectrum Insights Social Skills Camp


Ages 12-18

For Teens on the Autism Spectrum

Weekly Outings with a focus on developing independent living skills, social skills and making friends!

Small groups of 5 students – Tailored to individual needs – Each week we focus on:

  • Taking the bus – Learn bus schedules, use the OC Transpo Website
  • Time management – Planning our day trips, telling time, wearing a watch
  • How to use money – where to keep your wallet, how to talk to a

cashier, counting change, social skills in a line

  • Social etiquette – on the bus, in theaters, shopping etc
  • How to shop for yourself – Buying your own groceries, Buying personal effects like

Deodorant, toothbrushes etc.

  • Social Planning – planning parties, events, group activities, calling friends, emailing.

DATES: Currently booking Weeks of July 7-11, 14-18, 21-25 & August 18-22 – Book Early!

Once filled we will book for the Weeks of: August 4-8, 11-15, 25-29

TIME: 9 am – 4 pm (Earlier drop off and later pick up available)

Where: Astolot Education Centre 1187 Bank

Cost: $250.00/Week if you Book 2 or more weeks. Single Weeks $300.00

The cost of all events we attend are covered. Students are only required to bring money for lunches, bus and personal shopping.

For information and registration CONTACT:

John Anderson




YMCA/YWCA Camps: Limited number of one-to-one support placements available in most camps.

PHONE: 613.237.1320 ext. 6101


T.I.P.E.S. Summer Camp


Ages 3-16+

T.I.P.E.S. Summer Camp: Registration deadline is April 30th. Respite will be available for an additional fee; respite will be available for an additional fee and will be available until 5:00 p.m. after camp hours, Monday to Friday. Camp is offered half days or full days, either two days a week, three days a week or five days a week.

Address: 160 Unit B Terrence Mathews Dr. Ottawa

PHONE: 613.592.8800

Email Contacts: Jennifer Wyatt

Deborah Wyatt


Horses Enriching People

Location: 3540 Ramsayville Road, Ottawa, ON K1G 3N2


Ages: 3-6 (or different ages on request)

Info:  Therapeutic Riding

Introducing children to the basics of horse and pony care

Exposure to farm life and natural setting

Teacher/Student Ratio 2/5

Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor

Customized weekly programs throughout the year


Half-day Camp:  $ 285.50

Full-day Camp: $ 480.25

Dates: Weekly Programs throughout the summer

March of Dimes Canada : Conductive Education

Ages: 1 to 12 (with motor skill disorders (cerebral palsy, spinadifia, stroke, etc.)

Dates: July 28 – August 8 (excluding Civic Monday

Location: one of the schools located in the CHEO area (exact school to be determined)

Cost: $1800 (fundraising will be done in the late spring to lower costs for all participants)

Info: It will be run as a parent child camp, however, if a caregiver is unable to attend the camp with their child other arrangements can be made.  Conductive Ed works to maximize the potential of each participant allowing them to be as independent as possible by targeting gross and fine motor skills, as well as speech and cognitively.

Registration: CE_First_Time_Child_Program_Application

March of dimes