Autism on the Hill – March 27, 2013. Won’t you join us?


Autism on the Hill. World Autism Awareness Day, Wednesday, March 27, 2013. Noon to 12:45pm, Parliament Hill.

With  the  signing into law of Senator Jim Munson’s Bill  S-206 An  Act  Respecting  World  Autism  Awareness  Day, you are  invited  to  join  us   on  Parliament   Hill for  an  event   highlighting this  year’s  World  Autism  Awareness  Day.

This inaugural  public  event  promotes  both  awareness  of autism  and  the  coming   together  of  community,   individuals  and  government  required  to  make  life  better  for  people  and  families  affected  by  autism. We  share  the  same  goal!waad

Autism  ribbons will be  handed out  at noon.  The event will take  place  from 12:15 to 12:45.

We are honoured  to have as our keynote speaker Mr. Mike Lake, MP. Senator Jim Munson and Mr Glenn Thibeault, MP will be standing alongside Mike as they are all champions of people with autism and their families.

Please join us to show that by working together we can achieve a better life for people and families affected by autism. Our banner will feature “The Faces of Autism”, a collection of photos of Canadians on the spectrum. Let’s fill that banner! Please send in your photos to

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Autism is a neurological condition with a rapidly increasing prevalence, currently affecting 1 in 88 children.