Effects of Wait Times Survey

This came across my computer today and I thought I would post it on here as well. It is a survey to help with research surrounding the effects of wait times for publicly funded intervention in the Ottawa Region, such as ABA and IBI. The survey is being conducted by students at  Carleton University in conjunction with Autism Ontario and Quickstart. If you’re interested in participating in this very important research, here is the link:



I feel its important to participate in research when feasible! (Sometimes the time commitment may be too great.) The findings may be presented to policy makers who are actually able to make changes that can help our children! In addition, the findings can be used to help the next group of children coming behind ours, in the hopes that it might be better for them.

And now I must be off to complete this survey myself!

Till the next time,

The Moms at AAO


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