Christmas Message from AAO

It’s been a short two months since we’ve launched this blog and so much has happened in that time! We’ve received so many emails, comments and phone calls from readers and met so many new people! It’s been absolutely unbelievable!

A few nights ago I was doing some last minute Christmas shopping at a Winners store here in Ottawa. A few feet away from me were two girls in their late teens or early twenties. They were having a loud conversation that I had no choice but overhear. After enduring this for about 5 minutes I was about to move to a different section when one of them called herself the “R word” for some lame reason.

I regret not saying something now. I really do. peace

After reflecting on it I realized that despite the painstaking efforts of many good people, this kind of thing is still happening. More needs to be done and soon. AAO is committed to helping break down the barriers and continue with promoting awareness for our children and everyone’s children.

We will post news of an event for World Autism Day which is coming up on April 2. We hope you’ll join us!

In addition, we’ll be launching two new roadmaps especially for the Ottawa area.

Please visit us in the new year and consider getting involved as a contributor to the website!

Have a magical Christmas and best wishes for the upcoming year!
The Moms at AAO


To Dream the Impossible Dream?

The hard thing about the wait lists for autism treatments, specifically the intensive behavioral intervention (IBI), is that if you decide not to wait you have to fund everything yourself. IBI therapy is not covered by provincial or private health insurances in Canada. Parents have to remortgage their homes, get a loan or line of credit or ask for help from family and friends. Some people don’t have a home to remortgage. Some people don’t have family they can ask for help. What happens then?

Imagine my surprise when I read earlier this year that as of July 1, 2012 the state of California mandated coverage for ABA Therapy for certain health plans and insurances. I almost had to pinch myself. Imagine using your provincial health card at your ABA service provider’s office!? Imagine getting a prescription from your doctor for ABA therapy, finding a provider and then submitting your receipts to your insurance company?! What a concept!

At present, 31 states, including California, have mandated insurance coverage of ABA therapy for the treatment autism, after President Obama signed the Combating Autism Reauthorization Act into law last year.

Autism is getting a lot of coverage these days, and rightly so. It is THE WORLD’S FASTEST GROWING developmental disability. I feel like we are experiencing the snowball effect where the entire support systems for autism in Ontario are just going to dreamingspontaneously combust from sheer numbers. It’s just getting worse.

Friends, WHAT do we need to do here in Canada to get to this same level of thinking? Until then, I can only dream …

Please write to the Ontario Ombudsman


As a result of the recent media attention about autism in Ontario, and the lack of services available for families, the Ontario Ombudsman is now launching a 6 month investigation. Finally, some action from someone that can actually make change!   action

The Ombudsman is asking anyone who has information relevant to the investigation to contact his office at 1-800-263-1830, file an online complaint or email

Please take the time to write to the Ontario Ombudsman. Remember, there’s power in numbers!!

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful weekend,