Did You Know?

As some of you may know.  We are currently working on a comprehensive roadmap of the school system.  Upon my readings and research I came across something that seemed worthy of a blog post.

The role of the IPRC.  If you are new to the school system in Ontario let me define this term for you.  IPRC translates to Identification and Placement Review Committee.  An IPRC document should accurately identify the child’s strengths and needs.  It is an invaluable aid in determining what measures should be put in place for the child’s education.

So basically, the the role of the IPRC has four functions:

1.  to decide whether or not your child should be identified as exceptional;
2.  to identify the areas of your child’s exceptionality;
3.  to decide an appropriate placement; and
4.  to review the identification and placement at least once each school year.

Stay tuned for the School Roadmap!



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