When it’s not normal. Living life with Autism Spectrum Disorder. By Spectrum Mommy

A big thank you to one of our newest contributors, Spectrum Mommy! It’s great to have you on board with us!

When it’s not normal. Living life with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

We always knew something was wrong with our beautiful son Alex. As young as three months he could not tolerate family functions etc. Alex was petrified and would scream until we left or went to another room. My family thought this was normal. I thought, no way can this be normal.

We also noticed food issues. It started with feeding on a certain couch only. As he got older he would go off his bottles if he was sick, teething, or if there was some change. We could never get him on solids. Oh how we would try and try. Family again felt there was nothing wrong and he would eat if he was hungry. Yeah right. There was something very wrong.

He sat up at 8 months, crawled at 11 months and by 13 months was walking. Alex never, ever to this day put anything in his mouth and he is now almost 2 and a half. At 15 months we sought help for his feeding issues. We were referred to a great OT who specializes in food & she noticed more going on. It took some time before she could work with him, he was too freaked out. We made some home movies so she could see what was going on. Gradually he warmed to her.

The following spring when he was around 20 months we brought in a speech therapist because he was still not talking, no requesting, pointing and would not answer to his. After a few sessions she felt our son needed more intense therapy. Thanks to both therapists and our paediatric specialist we able to get him assessed quickly. The diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder was devastating but also a relief. We could finally get help for our Alex.

By 2 years we has settled on private early intervention. Alex is loving therapy. He is now thriving and in some areas we are seeing great improvement. I can’t tell you how much more responsive and social he is. He is playing with toys, intensely curious, starting to point and communicate. Still no movement on the food or talking but that will be the most difficult areas to overcome. We are so optimistic and excited about Alex’s future. I tell you life on the spectrum is never boring. We really learn how to celebrate and appreciate life’s little subtleties. I cant say enough wonderful things about early intervention. We are so enjoying our little Alex grow and blossom. I look forward to sharing our journey living life on the spectrum.


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