My experience setting up a home ABA Program – Part I.

When you’re considering private ABA Therapy or another type of therapy for your child in Ottawa you have two options:

1. Using one of the local private centers:

Communicare – Floortime therapy
Emerging Minds – ABA and Early Start Denver Model.
Portia Learning Centre – ABA
Spectrum Intervention Group – ABA


2. Setting up a therapy team at your home.

We have chosen to go with option #2. Everyone’s child and situation is unique so it’s nice to have the option between centre-based and home-based. There are definitely positive and negative aspects to each. The home based therapy is well suited to a family that wants to be intimately involved in their child’s program, and doesn’t mind an extra person around their house several times per week!

The first thing I did was to post in the Ottawa Autism Support Yahoo group looking for parents that already had experience setting up a home program. I wanted to see what was involved in setting it up and how much work we could be expected to do. I had some great responses and spent a few weeks touching base with these parents and taking lots of notes. During these conversations I received referrals for some of the ABA Therapists they had used at their homes. Combined with using the internet, I was able to narrow it down to three therapists that we were interested in conversing with more.

After that, I sent each therapist an email asking for resumes and any other documentation they had pertaining to their business and/or program. I also requested references. I contacted every single reference and received amazing information back from all of them. Each one gave me a little bit of insight I didn’t have before. Talking to these parents was key to me understanding exactly how the process works and what we could expect to be happening in our home. I can’t stress enough how important these conversations were for me. Parents, if you’re reading, THANK YOU SO MUCH!! It was great to connect with you.

Please come back in a few days for Part II.


3 thoughts on “My experience setting up a home ABA Program – Part I.

  1. Wow. Thank you for sharing your experience. It is highly appreciated. I wondered if you could share more on how it is working out for you. We are thinking of set up our home based treatment, maybe you would be able to share a few names. Looking forwards to your second part.

    • Thanks so much for writing in! I am almost finished writing Part II of this article so please come back in a few days to see!

      I would absolutely love to share any information with you and names of people we interviewed. Please email us

      Once we’re in touch on email we can arrange for a phone call.


      • Hi I am a mother of an autistic son , who currently send my son to portia but need help setting home therapy. Do you have any advice about how to get a experienced therapist.
        Thank you

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