Such simple things but their impact can be enormous.
For example, I hate the word “autistic”. I hate the “stic” at the end.

He’s autistic …
She’s autistic …
Autistic children and their families …
I will do everything in my power not to use that word, even planning my sentences before speaking.

I prefer to say:

This is my daughter, she has autism.
She’s on the autism spectrum.

There’s a great book out there called “10 Things EVery Child With Autism Wishes You Knew“. The word autistic is discussed in there and I tend to agree. The word makes it sound like that’s all the child is about when they are, in fact, a child first. A child with tons of beautiful and amazing traits, of which autism just happens to be one.

Autism, ASD, on the spectrum.

That’s what I’m going with. What about you?


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