8 Truths About Special Needs Parenting

Did anyone catch this article in last month’s issue of Canadian Living? It caught my eye when I was in line at the grocery store so I grabbed the magazine to read in bed that night!

All I could do while reading was nod my head over and over and over. Julie is an amazing Mom and she has so eloquently and effectively summed up my feelings, and the feelings of all Moms and Dads across Canada that are living with children with special needs.

I, like Julie, think about the future a lot. It’s hard not to. I fear for my daughter when she enters the school system which is less than two years ago. It motivates me to do everything in my power to teach her and support her now so she’s confident, able and ready to be in a class with her peers and deal with situations when Mommy and Daddy are not around.

I’m going to try and write an email to Julie to thank her for writing this article and increasing awareness for such a large group in our country. Maybe we can work together with her sometime on advocacy because she sounds like my kind of gal!

Share this article with everyone you know. Get the word out there so everyone can have the same revelation as contained in my favorite line from the article:

Raising a child with special needs has changed our lives. Our views on disabilities have changed, we have more patience and we can empathize with other families who are also struggling with a family member who has a disability.


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