Autism Articles in the Metro News – Ottawa

This week, a reporter named Alex Boutiler at Ottawa did an entire feature on the state of Autism care in Eastern Ontario. I thank Alex from the bottom of my heart for putting together this very informative series that hopefully will serve to continue raising awareness of HOW VERY bad this situation is for the child as well as the entire family. It causes a lot of stress, anxiety and frustration for families because you know what you need and how CRUCIAL it is, but you cannot have it.

The series link is here:

Article 1: More money, more waiting for therapy.

Article 2: From funding “all children” to funding some.

Article 3: Autism treatment funding delays impoverished families.

Article 4: What is autism spectrum disorder.

I have tweeted these articles and shared them with some family and friends. Please do the same if you can. If you would like to take it a step further please write to your MPP and express your concern for my child and all the children in Ontario that are currently waiting for this early intervention. If you need any help writing an email please let us know! We would love to help.

Thanks for reading!


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