The CHEO Autism Program (IBI) Wait List

Today we had the FAMOUS appointment – the one where you find out if your child is eligible for Intense Behavioral Intervention (IBI) at CHEO. We kind of knew before going that she would be eligible due to the severity, but of course we had to go to continue with getting into the program.

We met for about 90 minutes with a lovely psychologist. My daughter played on the floor the entire time where the psychologist and another worked could see her. It was a great appointment because they got to see a wide variety of behaviors, including her stims.

short for ‘self-stimulation’, a term for behaviours whose sole purpose appears to be to stimulate ones senses. Many people with autism report that some ‘self-stims’ may serve a regulatory function for them (i.e., calming, increasing concentration, or shutting out an overwhelming sound).

We found out at the end of the appointment that we are eligible for the service. Of course, we couldn’t avoid the subject of “when” and then she proceeded to tell us that the wait is 18-24 months, best case scenario. My daughter will be 4 years old when we get that call. This does not translate into “early intervention” to me.

Anyways – it’s over now! We knew this information already so now we need to come up with Plan B, or is it Plan A? Please stay tuned as I will be posting more information very soon on how we are going about setting up a home IBI therapy program while we wait for CHEO.

PS – don’t you think there’s a lot of work to be done with that waitlist? Who wants to help us out?


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